epitome. was a key sponsor at the recent HR Leaders Summit in Toronto.  Featured speakers included  David Ulrich and Chester Elton.  A steady stream of attendees visited the epitome booth and had the chance to meet Stanley Cup winner and leadership expert Ryan Walter.

Top leaders from organizations across Canada attended the Summit and it was fantastic to see current  clients and future partners over a jam packed couple of days.

epitome. is pleased to announce a new partnership with RIVS Digital Interviews, a company based out of Chicago, IL.  Many of our clients are looking for ways to find efficiencies and time savings in their recruitment processes while still promoting and developing a personalized brand experience.  RIVS is the solution.

Organizations can get a deeper dive into a candidate's experience and interview presence early in the process, responses can be reviewed from anywhere and at a time when it best fits in your team's busy day.  Candidates can be interviewed by video and/or voice at any time and if they move forward in your process can schedule their own-face-to-face interviews from time slot options you have pre-set - no more losing time and productivity playing phone tag. 

Think of the time savings alone!

Contact us to find out how we can save you time and money while building your employment brand!  We understand recruitment AND can help your realize the benefits of a stand-out video interviewing system.

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